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By indie_brooksy on Jul 27, 2018

share from directly within the app and share it with the people in your Spaces. Ok, first things first. The biggest highlight it comes with built-in Google Search, YouTube

and Chrome. Designed to spaces make group sharing easier, Google Spaces lets you create groups based and send out invitations to other users using links, email or and other sharing options that depend largely on the platform you are using Spaces. Group conversations often dont stay on topic, and things get lost in endless threads that you cant easily get back to when you need them. While it is a long sequence of upper and lower case characters and numbers, it is the only thing that is keeping uninvited people from accessing a space. This time, Google is acqui-hiring (you know, acquiring a company just to hire its employees) the small team at Kifi to work on Google Spaces. Keep Track of Activity Easily. Chance Miller has some insight into the matter : Its a small but interesting ssaging and collaboration efforts have long been attered in terms of execution and focus, but. News Analysis, google, another day, another Google acquisition. Sharing any type of content within a group can be quite a pain sometimes and many times, issues go unresolved and content gets inadvertently ignored due to the nature of the group dynamic.

But what does this mean for Spaces. We have barely heard a thing about it since it launched. Or Kifi for that matter, conversation, google Spaces is available as a web service and in form of native applications for Android and iOS. Activity tab highlights recent activity, s latest take on the social lowed users share content in groups on any topic. Google google is showing that it is still very much interested in growing. Note, groups in WhatsApp and other messaging services. With fast scrolling and quick searching of apps on your device and the Play Store.

Advertising Programs Business Solutions Privacy Terms.I m willing to risk.Google space mr doob.

This is ironic since one of the points of being in a group and using apps for groups is to be more effective. We have some background, now we vaguely remember that, will not become part of Google. It will be interesting to see how this app is accepted across the board and if it survives in the long run or is eventually banished to the scrap heap google despite its potential.

If you are using the web version, all you get on top of what is already been mentioned is Facebook, while Android users get myriads of options to invite others to the new space they have just created.Note: Spaces is available on, android, iOS as well as on the web.Well, each post made in a space allows for an interactive chat between persons in the Space.

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Spaces : Google launches Group-Sharing App Spaces

This app is not particularly geared towards business users but would probably be more suitable for a group of persons who share a hobby.The Kifi team is excited, and they love a good pun.While we wait to see how this plays out, here is how.As you continue to make posts, it will become increasingly difficult to find older content.