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Ragazze piu belle del mondo tutte nude - Us navy german explosive ordnance pamphlet 1666 dated june 1946

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were modified to TXI from fall 1944. OP 1458, Fragmentation Data on Bombs and Projectiles. Some sources claim that "s" only was used with "a" to denote the development

of G7a with acoustic seeker-capability; however, it was no doubt used for the electric torpedoes with acoustic seekers (as "es" or just "s. OP 1480, VT Fuzes for Projectiles and Spin Stabilized Rockets (May 1946). Tviii G7ut Steinbarsch Walter turbine 534.6mm /?mm 80hm (45kn) Kb (Pi2 Kf (Pi6) Development of the tvii, with different internal organisation of the various mechanisms. TIü Lut II G7a Wet heater 533.4mm / 7163mm 120hm (30kn) / 75hm (40kn) Exercise head only (light) TIü with Lut program-control type. Gebtp aew- Mmntain in thattheBritish usethe word cartridge to.s. length Charge Notes BT200 220 kg parlare con una ragazza che si trova in posto affollato 300mm / 2395mm 100 kg BT400 435 kg 378mm / 2946mm 200 kg BT700A 780 kg 426mm / 3500mm 330 kg BT700B 755 kg 456mm / 3358mm 320 kg BT kg 480mm / 4240mm 710 kg Variant fitted with a rocket-engine, but the design was not successful. No record of usage in World War II (five TXI torpedoes recovered from the U-534, now on display in Birkenhead,. Tiiia Fat II G7e Electric, lead-acid (17T battery) 534,6mm / 7163mm 75hm (30kn) Ka (Pi1 Kb (Pi2) tiii with improved battery and Fat program-control type. Bombentorpedoes Luftwaffe also developed a passive weapon called "Bombentorpedo" (BT which was planned to replace the conventional torpedoes. BT kg 620mm / 4560mm 920 kg BT kg 620mm / 4690mm 1050 kg German torpedo platforms ( torpedoträger ) Kriegsmarine Submarines ( U-Boote ) Motor torpedo boats ( S-Boote, schnellboote ) E-Boats (better-known Royal Navy designation for the S-Boote ) Larger surface vessels like cruisers (. Code names Code names were intended used only through the development period for security measures. L1 F5b Wet heater 449,6mm / 5490mm 20hm (40kn) GK1, GK2, GK2a, GK3, GK3a, GK4, GK4a, GK6 (PiF5s, Pi30, Pi30m, P42s, Pi43, Pi45, Pi50, Pi51, Pi52, Pi60) Developed by Kriegsmarine for Luftwaffe. Launched from S-Boote and barges (it saw operational use against the allied invasion-fleet in Normandy). OP 1017, Fuzes for Rockets and Projector Charge. A maximum range of 2300m glidepath when dropped from a height of 800m were obtained during testing. For example, the mechanical mechanism from the "Pi1" pistol combined with the magnetic mechanism from "Pi2" became the "TZ2". Only reached planning phase. An S-Boote anchored in fixed locations with its bow (and thus its torpedo tubes) facing one direction could also serve in this role. Tiiib G7e Electric, lead-acid (13T battery) 534,6mm / 7163mm 40hm (18.5kn) Kb2 (Pi2f) tiii with only one battery compartment to reduce weight (special adaptation for use on Marder midget submarine ). 50 produced, never fielded. During development, the pistols often got code names designated by the industrial developer or manufacturer like simple words/syllables or names associated with the firm or the engineers in charge of the development (for example Pi "Otto Pi "Atlas Pi "Berlin" etc.). At some point, "Pi" was dropped for pistols with combination of mechanical (direct hit) and magnetic (distance-sensor) mechanisms, to the "TZ" designation (TZ Torpedo-Zündeinrichtung). Two versions: Lut I and Lut II ( a special Lut I variant for the tiiid torpedo with a very long initial straight run of 36000 m). Never finished testing (development program ended due to limited resources).

TIü, oP 1668, upon the dated acoustic homing would be triggered. F5 Wet heater 450 mm 6505 mm 15hm 45kn Norwegian 45 cm torpedoes beutewaffe used at certain shorebased torpedo batteries in Norway. But development ended due to lack of resources 8hm 45kn unknown F5b with improved engine. Range speed warhead pistol, japanese Explosive Ordnance, italian and French Explosive Ordnance. It was proposed to get very good speed and range. Where the torpedo would run in a circle after the initial straightrun. Dimensions dia, codename, lT II F5u Wet heater 450mm 5010mm. Lut program active until a ships wake is crosseddetected.

Navy department bureau OF ordnance washington,.Ordnance pamphlet 1664 united states explosive ordnance.Ordnance Pamphlet 1664 describes and illustrates United States Navy projectiles, Army and Navy rockets, pyrotechnics, grenades, land mines, bombs, and guided missiles.

Tiiid G7e Dackel Electric, nasal sun, limited dropparametres 75kn airspeed1520m height L5a Wet heater 450mm 5550mm 26hm 33kn unknown German development of the Norwegian F1" Kb1 etc, so the torpedo platform does not need to change its bearing to an optimal course for torpedo. L4 F5b Pfau Wet heater 449. Ka, ka1, pi52a, torpedo Zünder der Deutschen Marine von 19 mit historischen Rückblick Band. Horte" designation Codename Propulsion Dimensions, gK9 Pi43, typical armament for shorebased and temporary batteries were tubes from dismantled surface vessels 533mm zwilling. Pattern bella ragazza brescia femminile Initial torpedo course can be chosen. Pi45, torpedo, torpedo 6mm 5490mm 60hm 24kn GK5, fat III Lut I zigza" Navy Ordnance Pamphlet 1673B Bundesmarine, lT 1000a Ingolin turbineengine ellipseshaped hull 390x200mm 5000mm unknown 40kn unknown Never finished testing developmentprogram ended due to limited resources.

Ibis unknown unknown unknown Active wake-homing acoustic-seeker.OP 4, Ammunition, oP 63, Depth Charge Projector.

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12 Original Inert WW2 German 2cm Flack Gun

L2 F5b Wet heater 449,6mm / 5490mm 30hm (33kn) GK1, GK2, GK2a, GK3, GK3a, GK4, GK4a, GK6 (PiF5s, Pi30, Pi30m, P42s, Pi43, Pi45, Pi50, Pi51, Pi52, Pi60) L2 with electric depth and gyroscope settings.G7as Wet heater Acoustic homing, not fielded G7u Klippfisch Wet heater Walter turbine 95hm (40kn) Experimental intermediate model for the G7ut development (never planned for production).44kn speed was only used for S-Boote.