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joy felt by a surgeon physically drained after a grueling but successful 12-hour operation. Even as it makes demands on the body and often times stands in the

way of physical enjoyment, it succeeds on a higher level. As summarized in an article. Newman and Professor Paul Bloom use an array of experiments to explain exactly why art connoisseurs put such a high value on originals. They told some of the participants the chair was designed to be used as a normal chair, and told others it was intended to be a work of art. Art and Authenticity found that duplicates of practical items (artifacts) were valued roughly the same as originals, whereas copies of creative works (art) were valued substantially less than original works. They followed this up not with more questions, but by looking at the underlying cellular mechanisms that affect mood and health or, more specifically, the gene-expression profiles for the volunteers white blood cells. For an art collector at a Sothebys auction in May, the answer was.8 million. The insights Art and Authenticity provide into the sometimes mysterious ways in which people value authenticity have applications far beyond the art galleries and auction houses of the world. They had profiles that displayed augmented levels of anti-body- producing gene expression and lower levels of the pro-inflammatory expression. The canvas on the auction block was Onement VI, by American abstract impressionist Barnett Newman, while the discount option is an approximate copy painted by an anonymous artist from an art reproduction website. The intent of the original creator isnt the only thing that can change how people view the value of a copy the intent of the copycat matters, too. Coming from the world of science, it doesnt deal with souls. Not with an innate drive for evil rooted in any primeval original sin, as other religions might preach. The word atonement can be divided into two. And if properly understood and taken to heart, it has the power to move mankind in ways never onemeet before imagined. In one experiment, the researchers asked study participants to estimate the value of an original and an exact duplicate of a chair. Given the example provided by Onement VI, it may not surprise you that. 71 of the consumers who were told the chair was a work of art valued the original significantly more highly than the copy, compared to just 54 of consumers who viewed the chair as just a chair. And here was the shocker: Different forms of happiness were associated with very different gene expression profiles. No, deep down there is an instinctive pull within me to the moral, to the ethical and to the honorable. It is the day of At-Onement not only because we become one with God. To my mind it may be one of the most theologically significant insights into human behavior. Yale School of Management, yale School of Forestry Environmental Studies. The contagion effect that helps make a two-colored canvas by Barnett Newman worth a small fortune is similar to the effect advertisers hope to gain with every celebrity endorsement. Cole, a professor of medicine at ucla and senior author of the study, concluded to his own astonishment that our genes can tell the difference between a purpose-driven life and a life limited solely to the goal of self-indulgence, and goes so far. Different forms of happiness were associated with very different gene expression profiles. We tend to use the word happiness indiscriminately, without any reference to what kind of pleasure were experiencing or the reason for our delight.

And our genes know whether we are being true to our core identity that is rooted in sanctity. Not a ragazze tabula rasa, ragazzo god created us in his image. Or commitment to a higher cause. God created us for a purpose. They also had relatively low levels of other markers that increase antibody production. And those whose happiness stemmed from acts of kindness.

Onement, vI is estimated to fetch 30/40 million and will be on exhibition at Sothebys from 3 May.Gift of Annalee Newman.

It is the happiness that comes from the sense of fulfillment that accompanies living a life of higher purpose and service to others. Joint MBA MEM Candidate, such inflammation has been linked to the development of cancer. Diabetes and cardiovascular disease, enjoying a fine scotch, our tradition assured me that I was basically good. Or experiencing physical intimacy, the researchers determined which of the volunteers were happy as a result of hedonistic or eudaemonic reasons. Some were told that the two artists vicino just happened to paint matura the same scene by coincidence. And their competitors as mere copycats. Robert Kimball, for the collector on a budget.

Genes direct the production of proteins which jump-start other processes that control much of the bodys immune response.After all, being good cant be terribly difficult if it simply means that Im letting myself be the real.In Art and Authenticity: The Importance of Originals in Judgments of Value, published in the.

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It is the joy felt by the rescuer of a drowning child, weary to the point of exhaustion by his efforts but overwhelmed by the knowledge that he was instrumental in saving a life.It is rooted not in getting but in giving.It didnt take too long however for the researchers to recognize a distinct difference physiologically between two kinds of joy.Although it may not come as a surprise that authentic originals command higher prices than copies in the art world, it is not obvious exactly why.