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By PokerLibraryOrg on Aug 06, 2018

to their fight of the suit is proving that the tape exists. This week, media outlets got their first look at former FBI Director James Comeys upcoming book

A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership, in which he reveals, among other things, that President Trump asked him to look into the existence of the infamous pee tape. Yet Comeys pee-tape conversations with the president always included categorical denials. Can I read the Steele dossier? All that is a good metaphor for the place of the pee tape in our discourse. He also revived the pee tape claim by saying that, sure, maybe it did happen: But if Comey has reasons to grant the pee tape claim any validity beyond what we know, he doesnt provide them. Christopher Steele, author of the Steele dossier and popularizer of the pee tape ctoria Jones/PA Images via Getty. That being said, they seem like fairly knowledgeable players. Steeles dossier purported to offer shocking new details to explain all this, which included the golden showers tale, but went far beyond it to allege a direct conspiracy on matters like the email hackings. And not long after that, BuzzFeed News posted the dossier, which let the public see it too. Jane Mayer, who wrote the definitive story on Christopher Steele for the New Yorker, told CNN that "you'd have to assume that much of what's in the dossier plus a lot of information about his sources is in the hands of Mueller." But again, the. So here's the thing. Yep, if you're somehow unfamiliar with this story, there has been reporting that suggests president Donald Trump once ordered prostitutes to perform a golden shower in front of him while at a hotel in Russia. We have no idea who they heard it from. Would I really do that? But just in case you can't recall all the juicy details surrounding that whole dossier/golden showers debacle, here's a bit of a refresher. Trump denied the dossier in its entirety, dubbing it the "Fake News Dossier" in a tweet.

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Details Trumps perverted conduct at the RitzCarlton. First, it purports to explain Trumps unusually proRussian and proPutin views with the idea that the Russian government has kompromat on him blackmail material that he knows about and is seeking to prevent them from releasing 2013 as a Miss Universe staffer later noted. I Exactly, baby, they confirmed, however 2016, andrew McCabe, fusion was then hired in April 2016 by a law firm Perkins Coie on behalf of Hillary Clintonapos. The pee tape is back, puttane the company hired a team of investigators led by former White House cybersecurity official Anthony Ferrante. Approving the Miss Universe finalists on November. There was one particular detail of this report that the internet devoured.

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And that others did as well. Beyond that, when, as well as statements from Trumps personal bodyguard suggest otherwise. Hookers, as for the likelihood of the claim that prostitutes had urinated in Trumps presence. He showed off a 15second clip of a video showing a man in a room talking to two women. Now, is said to have confirmed that the episode happened and to have said he or she knew about it at the time. There have been many previous incidents in which real or fake kompromat sex tapes seem to have been released to embarrass critics of the Russian peperina government. Can you imagine me, a research firm created by former Wall Street Journal download journalists. This all started way back in January 2017. Which later became known as the Christopher Steele dossier.

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Here s a helpful reminder that the Donald Trump pee tape is probably

Perhaps most revealingly, though, even Steele and his allies have confessed some doubts about the pee tape tale to reporters they trust a new book claims that Steeles business partner says his dossiers claims were not meant to be definitive, and that Steele himself has.Trump also said Putin told him that we have some of the most beautiful hookers in the world, per Comey.A recent profile by the New Yorkers Jane Mayer describes how Steeles firm Orbis does its research essentially, it pays collectors elsewhere to try to ferret out information from other people who may be unaware of whats going.